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The Law Office of Michael Friedman in Birmingham, MI is a reputable law firm specializing in criminal defense. A criminal defense attorney is responsible for representing your interests by building a strong case and ensuring that all of your rights are protected. The goal is to work within the confines of the law and explore every opportunity to defend your freedom. Click here for more information.

A criminal defense attorney can help with the following:

● Misdemeanors—A misdemeanor is a low level crime. As such, the penalties often include probation, fines, and up to a year in jail. Common misdemeanors include petty theft, simple assault, marijuana possession, trespassing, and others. If you find yourself facing a misdemeanor charge, seek professional representation immediately. Sentencing can have serious ramifications that should be fought to the full extent of the law.

● Felonies—A felony is a serious crime ranging from murder to fraud. In many cases, serious jail time and steep financial penalties are on the line. A defendant is afforded the right to an attorney in order to ensure that the process is run fairly and that both sides are heard. Micheal Friedman man has over 40 years of experience handling criminal charges.

● DUI—Driving under the influence (or driving while intoxicated) is a misdemeanor offense that can occur if you are operating your vehicle when you should not be. These cases are very common, do not let your case just become another number. Do not let your case become just another number. You should retain the services of an expert criminal defense attorney who can go over the facts of the case and get you the best results possible.

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